A Round-up of Awesome

For your reading/viewing/listening pleasure, I present a round-up of things I’ve found to be particularly awesome recently! Hooray!

First off, in a wonderful combination of Comic geekery and Kitchen geekery, there is the Wonder Woman Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

An Amazon mixer for this Amazon

Found via LaughingSquid

Next up we have a Star Wars/Macgyver mashup. – Keep reading, my friends…>


National Game Design Month

I am fairly certain that most of you have heard about NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, by now. If not, go Google it, then come back here so you’ll have some context for what I’m about to blather on about.

For those that aren’t dedicated writers (like me, this blog has 15 posts in over 2 years… yeah) but still like the idea of the challenge of completing something in 1 month time there is now NaGaDeMon or National Game Design Month.

While game design has never been a huge interest for me personally, it is something I’ve been doing a lot more reading and researching for lately, as J eventually wants to become part of the gaming industry and I like being a helpful resource. So when I saw the blog post by Nathan Russel (linked above) describing NaGaDeMon, my first thought was “I should totally get J to do this, or we could do this together!”

Funny thing is, I’m way more excited about the idea than he is. This might be due to the fact that as a housewife with no children my free time is somewhat legendary and he’s currently in school full time. So I’m running with it. Keep reading, my friends…

GeekGirlCon Recap

The Mystery Box Game Design Challenge

Last month my husband and I got to fly up to Seattle and attend GeekGirlCon. This seemed like a bit of a last minute miracle for us, since I had previously thought we weren’t going to be able to go and it was making me HELLA sad. (Shaddup, I’m Californian, I can say “hella”) But two weeks prior to the con we figured out we were gonna make it after all. So we scrambled to get everything together, flight, hotel, con passes and I think the most important thing, Whedonesque Burlesque tickets. What, geeky burlesque is extremely hot.

We actually didn’t get to do much of official convention activities. I was having some mobility issues and the distance between a lot of the events didn’t help. BUT, I had a lot of fun regardless.

The best thing about GeekGirlCon was the atmosphere. Everyone who was there was really excited about being there, even the guests. I vaguely remember being told that everyone who was part of the con paid their own way in, just like the attendees. Which if true, is totally awesome and just really shows that yes, everyone who was supposed to be there really did want to be there. Keep reading, my friends…

Tina’s Mostly Humorous Mass Effect 3 Squad

The fate in the universe rests in their hands.... Not really.

If you follow me on Twitter it is no secret that BioWare totally owns my soul in the world of video games right now. Particularly with the Mass Effect series. Like many gamers I am eagerly awaiting the release of Mass Effect 3 so that I can take my badass FemShep and totally kick some Reaper butt. While some news of Shepard’s team made me happy, (Garrus! Tali! Liara!) not all of it was well received (Kaiden, Ashley, DudeBro McNewGuy.)

So I decided to assemble my own team, and they are FABULOUS. Keep reading, my friends…

Geek Girl Con!

I may be a little late to the party here, since I’ve seen references to this TOTALLY AWESOME CONVENTION elsewhere on the internet, but better late than never.

You need to hear about this con. If you are a geek girl, or if you love some geek girls, you need to support this con. This particular geek girl is saving her pennies so she can fly up to the magnificent Seattle and attend said Geek Girl Con.

Here is a handy video talking about this TOTALLY AWESOME CONVENTION:

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Don’t you totally want to go now too?

Check out their website at geekgirlcon.com