Oh My Minecraft

For a good chunk of ye olde internets Minecraft is a phenomenon that isn’t new at all. In fact I have several friends who are dedicated Miners (or Crafters? Steve-Heads?) and while the game always seemed interesting I have a pathetic laptop so I resigned myself to admire the work people were putting into things like HyruleCraft and just not play the game.

Then Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was released. On May 9th. I tried the demo on the 10th. Paid the 1600 MS points for the full game on the 11th. Spent hours and hours and hours mining and building and dying in lava. It is fairly safe to say, I just might have a Minecraft problem.

With the latest update for Minecraft 360, that problem just got worse.

There’s a good reason this post has taken me so long to get around to it, I keep getting distracted. By distracted I totally mean lost in yet another ravine. While we’re still missing quite a bit from the PC version the addition of random villages, ravines, abandoned mineshafts and strongholds are a lot of fun to explore. My creative world has 5 villages, and so far 2 ravines with mineshafts in them, but no strongholds yet. I’m hoping to eventually connect the villages via a rail system and then build them out.

ZOMG, the cobblestone, all the cobblestone.

A castle gate – pre-update build.

The one issue I’ve found with the latest update is my two pre-update survival maps are being taken over by ice and snow. The Starks aren’t crazy, Winter really is coming. I vaguely remember some early PC players talking about this winter spread after an update years ago, so hopefully it will be fixed with the next big update. Until then I’m scrambling to greenhouse all my farms so they don’t get iced over. I’ll castle in and survive the winter. The stackable food changes helps with this a lot. As well as being able to get more than just feathers and leather out of chickens and cows.

Despite the appeal of building ALL the things, Minecraft popped up at very opportune time for me. I don’t want to go into to much detail lest this turn into a “Very Special episode of BigFatGeekGirl” but things were not so good in my world and Minecraft provided a very necessary sense of order. When everything around you is chaos, it really helps to have a place you can go to where you are in complete control. Even as odd as the water and lava physics can be, once you learn how they work they are easy to manipulate. And so Minecraft became a haven.

With that I’m off to hopefully find a stronghold in my creative map. If I do I’ll share the seed because then it will really be the best Minecraft 360 seed EVER. Until then check out this awesome creative build from Redditor Colonel_Popcorn: MouseCraft!