A Round-up of Awesome

For your reading/viewing/listening pleasure, I present a round-up of things I’ve found to be particularly awesome recently! Hooray!

First off, in a wonderful combination of Comic geekery and Kitchen geekery, there is the Wonder Woman Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

An Amazon mixer for this Amazon

Found via LaughingSquid

Next up we have a Star Wars/Macgyver mashup.

The editing on this is so well done. Seriously, if you haven’t seen the Macgyver opening in a while watch it after watching this. Prepare to be amazed.

Next up, the tastiest image in Science-Fiction history, Giant Dune Gummi Worm.

Dune Giant Gummy Worm

Found at CandyWarehouse on Flickr.

And last, but most definitely not least, Amanda Palmer’s Ukulele Anthem.

I don’t know what kind of magic Ms Palmer is made of, but I’ve noticed her songs come into my life at very key times. This song totally made my cry with happiness when I heard it for the first time. You can grab the song for free/donation if you can at her Bandcamp.

And that’s it! What awesome things have you seen lately?


2 thoughts on “A Round-up of Awesome

  1. I had no idea you had a blog! 🙂 It’s a lovely blog too. I LOVE that Wonder Woman Kitchen-aid machine and the giant gummi worm. Those two things totally speak my language. Thanks for reading my blog post. I’m glad that I make sense to you, lol. Seriously though. It’s nice to know that people can relate to my oddities. It makes me feel less insane. I agree, we should definitely do a crafty night! Let’s pick a day 🙂


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