GeekGirlCon Recap

The Mystery Box Game Design Challenge

Last month my husband and I got to fly up to Seattle and attend GeekGirlCon. This seemed like a bit of a last minute miracle for us, since I had previously thought we weren’t going to be able to go and it was making me HELLA sad. (Shaddup, I’m Californian, I can say “hella”) But two weeks prior to the con we figured out we were gonna make it after all. So we scrambled to get everything together, flight, hotel, con passes and I think the most important thing, Whedonesque Burlesque tickets. What, geeky burlesque is extremely hot.

We actually didn’t get to do much of official convention activities. I was having some mobility issues and the distance between a lot of the events didn’t help. BUT, I had a lot of fun regardless.

The best thing about GeekGirlCon was the atmosphere. Everyone who was there was really excited about being there, even the guests. I vaguely remember being told that everyone who was part of the con paid their own way in, just like the attendees. Which if true, is totally awesome and just really shows that yes, everyone who was supposed to be there really did want to be there.

During that weekend the Seattle Center became this oasis of laid back fun geeky times. I remember on Saturday morning while walking to registration J and I ran into some other attendees and we cracked a D&D joke about gaining new party members that we all of a sudden totally trusted. We all shared a laugh over that then walked together to quest for our con badges.

At one point while trying to get lunch I’m sitting in the food court and people at the table next to me start singing the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic theme song. I join in, we brohoof, and everyone goes on their merry way. A random silly magical con moment.

We did participate in some official con activities. Mostly in the gaming room. J did the Mystery Box Game Design Challenge (pictured above) and I participated in some quickie 4th Ed D&D dungeon crawls. We both participated in a Fiasco game (I think, I’ve put this post off so long some details are hazy) by Story Games. I played “Mother of the Year” a June Cleaver meets Joan Crawford relic hunting super heroine. J played Zugo the Kid, Mother’s sidekick and son who’s father just happened to be Mother’s arch nemesis. It was random and wacky and a lot of fun.

Then there was the epic hotness that was Whedonesque Burlesque. ZOMG, the hotness. Awesome acts, a spectacular MC, I think I popped my burlesque cherry the right way. I’ve been a fan of burlesque through videos and suchlike, but hadn’t managed to see a live performance prior to GeekGirlCon. I hope to see many more performances before next year’s GeekGirlCon.

The con closed out with a bang with a sing-a-long viewing of Labryinth. Right before the movie there was a mini Q&A with Karen Prell (who was the Worm & the Junk Lady) who I had the pleasure of meeting earlier that day. (She was wandering the con with a mutual friend, enjoying it and being excited to be there. Awesome huh?) Things kicked off with a couple of fan videos, including the one made by Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman.

The sing-a-long was magical and fun, but a little sad at the same time because it meant the con was over. When I got home I ended up watching Labyrinth again to try to recapture some of that wonderful con feeling. It worked for a little bit, but in the meantime I’ll just have to wait until next year.

Because I’ll be back. Count on it.


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