HIAM. My Thoughts.


Because I can, that’s why.

The video for Britney Spears new single “Hold It Against Me” debuted last night and it set twitter and much of the blogosphere on fire.

This video had a ton of press leading up to it. From the hype of the single leak to the 15 day teaser clip countdown, Brit’s media machine was in full effect. Whoever you have on PR, give them bonuses.

However, as effective as the hype was, the video itself was kind of a let down. Where did the people who worked on the Circus videos go? Those were awesome and totally fit the songs. In comparison to almost any old Britney video HIAM falls flat. (The exceptions to this are “Do Something” and everything from Blackout.) The lack of a storyline or message really hurts the video. You want to be generic, “it’s about the media pressure” go watch Rhianna’s video for “S&M” and take some notes. That is how you use the celebrity/media dichotomy effectively in a video. The message still fits the song.

Dance wise… well, the really fast edits and lack of lighting really reinforce the rumor that Brit got a dance double. The only times we see her face during the dance scenes it is with a close up. Of course if I hadn’t heard the rumor about the dance double in the first place it wouldn’t have been so obvious. Reconsider those PR bonuses.

The song is fun and infectiously catchy and there is no doubt this album is going to be huge, I’m just disappointed with the video.


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