Android, resitance was futile.

I have abandoned the world of crackberry. Sorry RIM but your phones just aren’t cutting it anymore.

I’m using a Samsung Epic, and so far it is made of WIN. My husband wants to take it from me, but he has to wait to get one of his own. This probably won’t affect my updating schedule (you know, that non existent one) I just wanted to share my glee over shiny technology.


One thought on “Android, resitance was futile.

  1. When my second iPhone died, I started to listen to the teasing of my friends (who by then ALL had android phones)..

    …and I’m now the happy, proud owner of an HTC Evo 4g =) With the discount I get from working at Disney, it’s even cheaper than the iPhone, even when I count in AT&T’s cancellation fee! Crazy, huh?


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