Top Searches

Not that this is surprising at all, but the top search term that has led to this blog is “Fat Geek Girls.”

Now if only I had started that D&D Porn site I wanted to try long long ago… I’d be rich! Not really, but one can dream. Actually, if you came here looking for fat geek girls, go ahead and comment why. Are you a fellow fat geek girl, looking for a fat-friendly online community (population: 1, at least here anyway) Are you some dude who is a geek and is into fat girls (if so, go you, I’m getting married to one, and we’re honeymooning at a gaming con. More on that later.)

It can be hard out there for the geeks, especially for girl geeks. Because if our geek cred isn’t strong enough, we get patted on the head and treated like “oh isn’t that cute, she wants to play games.” That is not a way to encourage more awesome geekiness in a lady friend. Guys take note: If we feel that you don’t think our kinda geek isn’t good enough, or that we’re not enough of a geek to understand your interests, we won’t bother. In fact we probably won’t give things a shot. I know it can be hard to be open minded in the geek community, love for fandoms runs strong and that can be hard to overcome, but Star Trek fans can really get along with Star Wars fans. I promise. I won’t just tell you to shut up and say that Star Trek is way better, not that I’m biased or anything *coughfirstcrushwaswesleycrushercough*

Ahem… Anyway what was I getting at… Oh yeah. So, tell me: Why are you looking for fat geek girls?