An Excuse to Write

Obviously I’m not very good at this whole, up-keeping a blog thing. I even have the WordPress app on my Crackberry and I still neglect to post. I think the ideas I have are not good enough to publish, or I think they sound too stupid, or I think they don’t say anything that hasn’t been said before.

This kind of thinking I really want to stop.

The posts that follow this one will probably be poorly worded. It’s been a while since I’ve been in school and years of Livejournal/Twitter/Facebook have raped my knowledge of proper grammar. It it wasn’t for the automatic spell check in Firefox my spelling would be shit too. This shouldn’t stop me from writing, but I’ve let it.

This kind of thinking has been awfully prevalent in my life lately, and actually through most of it. One of the issues that comes along with being a Big Fat Geek Girl (at least my particular variety of it) is perpetually low self-esteem. A byproduct of being bullied constantly throughout my schoolgirl days. While I haven’t received any comments, so there are no troll problems yet, but I haven’t needed the trolls to stop me from trying to do something.

So I’m going to fake it until I make it, which is how I managed to come out of my shell while in High School, and I suppose if it worked then it should work now. I may not write pretty, but I’m going to share stories. I may ramble for a while, but there will be a point eventually. Hopefully things will be funny along the way.


Talk Amongst Yourselves!

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