*tinker tinker*

Not that anyone is really reading this yet, but I want to note that this blog will probably be a constant work-in-progress for the next couple of weeks. This is my first time playing around with WordPress, and I keep messing with the widgets and themes.

I do have what looks like an awful lot of links and other silly things on the side column, but that won’t look so funny once I start posting more I promise! I just want to make things look right, and also easily share things that give me joy and amusement.

The Importance of Escape

This may seem like an odd subject to open with, but it really is all-encompassing on my theme of Geek. All of the things that I am into that, in essence, qualify me to be a geek have one common thread throughout them. They can be (and often are) used as a method of escapism.

Now, this isn’t a bad thing. Had I not used my geek as an alternate reality to live in on occasion I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today. I easily could have escaped the bullying and crappy childhood baggage through alternate substances, or other self-destructive behavior. I didn’t, instead would spend afternoons in a park, with rocks holding down our character sheets, battling away dragons and trolls and blowing shit up with my MIND! (I was playing an aD&D psionic. It was awesome.)

Dungeons and Dragons got me through High School. As did the D6 system Star Wars game. (And I swear I’m not trying to one-up geek anyone here, just establishing time line… I promise I know I’m not an Elder Geek.) When I started attempting college (and failing miserably) I found the world of LARP, also known as the best excuse to play dress up EVAR. Throughout the years I’ve made the best friends I’ve had through my means of escape, and I’ve even let them join me in the real world, where we face our problems together.

I suppose all I really needed to say is that gaming is Important. It is a safe place to go be someone vastly more epic than you can ever humanly be for a while. It is a place to meet people who get you, and like that! So D&D is important, WoW is important (even though I don’t play) The Cam (and it’s clones) are important. SCA and Ren-Faire Guilds are important (there may be no dice or stats involved, but you do make a character!) Networks of games small and large are sacred places where imagination can run free. Where you don’t need to be So-and-So Responsible Student/Worker Bee.

Escape is Important.